Inlays and Onlays

Want to restore your smile? Here at Magnolia Green Dental Care, we are committed to helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you desire. Two of the restoration options we offer are dental inlays and onlays. The purpose of these restorations is to repair teeth with mild to moderate decay or damage. What makes inlays and onlays unique is that they are effective when there is more damage than a filling would resolve, but a full crown is not necessary.

Also known as indirect fillings because they are created outside of the tooth, inlays and onlays are formed out of durable, natural-looking materials that allow the restoration to stay in place for many years. Best of all, these restorations help strengthen teeth and prolong healthy tooth life.

Dental inlays are used to treat damage on the chewing surface that is between the cusps or points of a tooth. Onlays cover more area on the chewing surface of the teeth and cover at least one of the cusps.

Receiving a dental inlay or onlay usually requires two visits to our office. The first visit involves taking an impression of the tooth, which will be sent off to be made at a dental laboratory. You will be given a temporary restoration until the second visit arrives. From there, you will receive your custom-made restoration and have it bonded with a strong resin adhesive. Finally, the restoration is polished to ensure it blends well and enhances your smile!

If you think dental inlays or onlays may be an option for you, give our office a call at (941) 240-2750.

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